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Rachel Fiske
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Friday, April 26, 2013

Fat, Fatigued, Depressed, Craving Sugar???

Hello lovely readers!

Well after that subject line lets get right to time for pleasantries! 

As I've let you all know (and partially why the blog posts have been few and far between), I've recently started a fascinating mentorship program studying Functional Medicine. Although we've just begun we are already getting into some really juicy info that I want to try my best to share with you. Not just because I'm a huge  nerd and absolutely love talking about hormones and the gut, but because these are topics that profoundly effect each of us and/or our loved ones much more than we realize.

Did one or more of the symptoms mentioned in the heading of this email resonate with you? If you're one of the lucky ones to answer 'no,' do you have people in your lives that suffer from these ailments? Good and bad news here...the bad news is that these symptoms are shockingly common in this country and stem from a host of reasons including but not limited to physical, mental and emotional stress, toxicity from our foods, the environment, and heavy metals, bacterial and parasitic infections, and more. Fun stuff. The good news is that there are some fairly easy tests you can do do figure out whats going on, and a super effective combination of diet, lifestyle, and supplementation protocols that you can put in place to fix the problem.

While in this mentorship program, I have the unique opportunity to study under a leading doctor in the field of Functional Medicine and access his expertise and assistance in interpreting lab results. If you or anyone you know has been struggling with symptoms of weight management, fatigue, depression, anxiety, insomnia, sugar cravings, GI problems or female hormone imbalances, over the next several months I am offering very discounted consultation rates alongside top of the line lab testing.

You do not need to live in bay area, you can be located anywhere. Together, we talk a lot about important lifestyle and dietary changes to prevent and even treat illness and injury. This is your base, and the exciting world of functional medicine allows us to expand on this and really look at the science behind your symptoms, and then treat accordingly.

Please contact me directly for more information on what your specific program would entail, fees, and to get any questions answered you may have. I greatly look forward to continuing down the road of health and education together!